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Honda Motorcycle Parts

Browse Honda motorcycle carburetor parts in our web shop. Carburetors are fitted on the most classic bikes. For Honda it means in generally Kei-Hin carbs. From jets to repair kits and from 50 cc to 1000 cc. engines.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts

Also Kawasaki carburetor repair kits are available for the most models. Replacement jets, gaskets … fitting the original Mikuni carbs on the Kawasaki bikes.

Suzuki Motorcycle Parts

The original KEYSTER kits and carburetor spares, made in Japan, are the best quality spares for all your Japanese motorcycles.

Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Yamaha's Hitachi and Mikuni carburetor replacement spares and kits…. Look for models and details in our web shop. For more models and info any kind, please contact us. Performance carburetor parts for your classic racing or road bike, DYNOJET offers a wide range of kits to fit most applications.